About Aaron Jacob

My priorities:

As your MP, I will:

1. Regenerate our area by boosting investment and jobs;

2. Cut the cost of living, by voting for measures which reduce tax and inflation;

3. Help small businesses by reducing red tape and taxes on business;

4. Reduce anti-social behaviour by working with the Police and the community;

5. Invest in health and social care, so we all get the care we need when we need it; and

6. Protect our green spaces and our trees.

My Background:

I grew up in a family with strong Conservative values. Hard work, doing the right thing, playing by the rules – these were all values that I absorbed early on. I am one of seven children, and I firmly believe in the value of aspiration, and giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

My dad's family are from Cyprus. My late grandad came to the UK from Cyprus with nothing in the 1940s, and he spoke no English. He started his own business and ended up employing over 70 people. I recall his stories of fighting to keep his business afloat in hard times under all governments.

I previously worked in industry on the project of building full-fibre broadband right across the UK, dealing with the regulator, central and local government. I understand how critical connectivity is to our daily lives.

My dad has also built a successful business. When he fell ill, I left my secure job in industry to join my family legal business. I am now a solicitor, fighting for my clients every single day.

I am a long-standing Conservative campaigner. I have have been a local Councillor, fighting hard for residents on issues such as speeding, anti-social behaviour, local crime and protecting green spaces. I was previously a Trustee of a local museum, working with business to promote the local area.

Coming from a small business background, I am particularly passionate about helping small businesses to grow, employ more people and succeed.